What is Therapy Hive?

Therapy Hive is an online directory for clients and a network for therapy providers

      What is Therapy Hive? Therapy Hive is a source for clients to find appropriate and verified mental health and therapy help, while also connecting providers with one another, and relevant resources.

      What sets Therapy Hive apart from other directories? We verify providers when they sign up. To be a part of The Hive, we find it vital to know that our members are trained in what they say they are.
      We encourage professional collaboration. Private practice can be isolating, and we want to help with that! We have a discussion board where providers can consult with one another.
      We are a resource database at your finger tips! Whether you are looking for a specialist for your client, or needing a referral that takes a specific insurance, we have your back.
      We provide professional development events, as well as provide members with a professional development calendar. Every time we are notified of a local event, we share it with our members. All members are welcome to upload events to the calendar.
      For just $25 a month, enjoy these benefits and more! Come see what the buzz is about and receive your first three months for free!

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