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5 Benefits of Joining Our Community

  • Increased Referrals

    Having your business listed on our directory means that you are a preferred referral source within the Therapy Hive network. Clients will also be able to find you, and your business' name will gain recognition within the area as a part of being within the larger Therapy Hive network. Other directories are large, cumbersome, and the results are often not relevant to your needs. Our directory is easy to use and navigate, with results based on what clients are actually looking for, and not when your subscription needs to renew.

  • Marketing

    By linking your website to the Therapy Hive network, your website will benefit from the indirect and direct marketing that benefits all Therapy Hive members. All of the businesses within the Hive work together to increase client visibility and client access to your business. Benefit from an online presence without the necessity of web development specialization.

  • Resource Database

    Each practice has preferred referral sources and resources. If we pool these resources together, our Hive becomes stronger with trusted local businesses and resources. Being a member of the Hive means that not only can businesses and clients find you easier, but you have the ability to find the right supports and services for your clients as well.

  • Discussion Board and Support Network

    Tricky client questions and need for consultation are often where individuals in private practice feel isolated and alone. Having the ability to online access a support network to offer advice, consultation, and support can make the challenging private practice world feel less alone.

  • Professional Development

    Therapy Hive regularly offers professional development opportunities that often include continuing education credits. Other professional development opportunities include peer consultation, supervision support, and our events calendar that includes all local professional development events that help develop your professional presence as well.

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**Up to 5 Provider Listings is only available for a Business Account. Sole Practitioner accounts will not have any Provider Listings.

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