Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some common questions.
  1. What is Therapy Hive? Therapy Hive is a community of verified and credentialed mental health and therapy providers. This community serves to connect individuals across our service area and to pool resources, as well as offer networking, referrals, and support to individuals within our Hive.

  2. How is Therapy Hive different from other directories, like Psychology Today? While there are some similarities, nowhere else is the online directory highly localized the way Therapy Hive is. Additionally, Psychology Today does not have the ability to network, nor do they have discussion boards and forums specifically designed to help your practice thrive and grow.

  3. How much does Therapy Hive cost? The monthly membership fee includes your business listing, and professional profile. Additional fees for additional users, continuing education, and advertising opportunities are separate from this cost. We use automatic billing to offer your practice the peace of mind that you will be connected to a community of support without having to worry about yet another bill in the mail.

  4. Why does it take so long to verify my listing? We know how important a community of credentialed providers are, and we individually approve each profile submitted to Therapy Hive. This ensures that your information is correct, and that you are connected only to other credentialed providers. Already the standard of care is raised because of this requirement. Typically, verification of your listing takes 1-3 days, and does not prevent you from accessing the resource database or connecting with other Therapy Hive providers

  5. What is the difference between my business listing and my professional profile? Your business listing is the page for your actual business, and it provides other professionals and potential clients information such as services offered, insurance providers that you work with, and your location. Your professional profile is under your business listing, and offers a place for each provider with your business to offer a biography and a personal touch.

  6. Why is the discussion board anonymous? We want to offer a safe space where providers can ask questions and receive consultation without fear of impact to the status of their professional reputation. In other words, this makes it certain that there are no silly questions! The discussion boards are monitored for professionalism and for content. Also, if there a specific provider that you would like to connect with, you may send them a non-anonymous, private message.

  7. Is Therapy Hive HIPAA compliant? Therapy Hive is not designed to interact directly with clients, but rather for clients to find you and contact you easier! Therefore, our website and messaging is designed for provider for provider contact, and it is critical to preserve client confidentiality whenever using our forums or discussion boards. This is another reason the discussion board is anonymous and monitored, to help protect your practice from any HIPAA violations.

  8. Whats the difference between a business listing and a professional listing? A business listing is for the business that is a part of Therapy Hive. However, some businesses have a variety of professionals or providers working within the business, and the professional listing is an opportunity to highlight the individual providers working within the business.

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