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HeadFirst Counseling is a private therapy practice in Dallas, TX offering a full range of holistic therapy services to children, adolescents, parents, and families. HeadFirst Counseling was founded as an alternative to stuffy, formal therapy offices where the focus is placed on the problem.

At HeadFirst, the focus is on each client's strengths and innate abilities to find creative solutions to his or her current concerns. We provide a holistic approach to therapy looking at the whole person to enable children, teens, and parents to develop insight, empathy, and problem solving skills. We use the latest brain-based techniques and interventions rooted in helping our clients form secure attachments and increase brain integration for optimal functioning. Our main goal is to provide quality therapeutic interventions to tackle current problems and help children and adolescents reach their full potential and for families to succeed together.

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At HeadFirst Counseling, we believe that as people become more connected to who they truly are, the need to put on masks or take on different roles to please others goes away. You become more of you, and less of what others want you to be. This is done first in the safety of the therapeutic relationship by learning to experience your feelings and recognize your own thoughts as they pop in your head. Your life becomes more in the moment rather than based on the past. You become a dynamic being able to evaluate different situations based on the facts and feelings at hand, not rigid beliefs from the past. You begin to view yourself and situations in a new light and behavior modification follows as needed.

We steer clear from a one-size-fits-all approach to counseling and engage in a more authentic, personalized way of being with clients. Our goal is to remove the stigma associated with mental health in order to empower people to seek the help they need. As we work together to remove the shame and secrecy that is attached to going to therapy, together we can help change the attitude about seeking help from one of helplessness and weakness to one of empowerment.

We value uniqueness, originality, and creativity at HeadFirst Counseling, and believe that differences should be celebrated. Our work together will encourage you to find your true self and tap in to your unique potential. Our approach uses a combination of clinical interviews and observations, behavioral assessments, and standardized assessments to fully understand each client and assess their current needs and goals. We strongly believe all people are greater than their current symptoms, and we shy away from labeling or overgeneralizing. We look at people in an individual and holistic way to help each client increase self-worth and independence.

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