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About Michelle McFarlin, MS, CCC/SLP

Michelle McFarlin, MS, CCC/SLP

Michelle McFarlin, MS, CCC-SLP, Director of The Social Communication Connection, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Southern Methodist University; and a Masters of Science in Communication Disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas-Callier Center for Communication Disorders. Mrs. McFarlin is a certified, clinical Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in early childhood language, social communication disorders, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). From undergraduate studies to present, Mrs. McFarlin has over 20 years experience in research and clinical service to young children with social communication challenges and their families.


Works at The Social Communication Connection

License Type

Main License

  • Licensed Speech Language Pathologist

Services Offered

Main Services Offered

  • Evaluations

Additional Services Offered

  • Evaluations
    • Autism Specific Evaluations
    • Other
  • In-Home Therapy
  • Therapy
    • Ancillary Therapies
      • Speech Therapy
        • Articulation
        • Expressive / Receptive
    • Group Therapy
      • Social Skills Group
        • Age Specific
    • Individual Therapy
      • Children
      • Social Skills
      • Toddlers

Conditions Treated

Main Conditions Treated

  • Autism / ASD
    • Educational Placement
    • Individual Therapy
    • Parent Support
    • Social skills Group
    • Speech Therapy

Additional Information

Michelle McFarlin’s Background and Work History:

Served as a faculty associate at the UTD-Callier Center for Communication Disorders: provided evaluations and individual speech-language intervention for children with a variety of communication disorders
Co-developed the Callier Individualized Descriptive Supplement (CIDS), a qualitative assessment instrument for young children with ASD
Served as Coordinator and Clinical Supervisor of the Early CLASS (Communication, Language, and Social Skills), a preschool program that was designed to facilitate social communication and social skills of young children with social communication challenges, and/or high functioning autism.
Co-wrote the social skills curriculum for the Early CLASS with Dr. Pamela Rollins
Presented at numerous professional seminars, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention, and the Texas Speech-Language and Hearing Association Convention.
Provided private speech-language therapy and consulting services to families of children with social communication disorders
Participated in comprehensive multi-disciplinary autism diagnostic evaluations
Co-authored the curriculum portion of Dr. Rollins’ text, Early Communication, Language, and Social Skills: From Theory to Practice, published by Autism and Asperger’s Press in June, 2014.
One of three autism experts contracted by RoboKind as a consultant and curriculum developer for Robots4Autism, a program designed to support social skills development in school-aged children with ASD.
Co-produced and co-directed video models for the Robots4Autism curriculum
Co-authored the Robots4Autism Facilitator’s Manual
Co-creator of a comprehensive set of picture symbols utilized within the Robots4Autism program
Served as consultant to multiple state legislatures for best practices on social skills programming for school aged children

Quick Information

  • Insurance Accepted No
  • Appointment Required Yes
  • License & State Texas

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