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Therapy Hive began when Dr. Rachel Oppenheimer realized that while she liked the autonomy of private practice, she also felt isolated in terms of consultation, collaboration, and resources. It was also difficult to network to referral streams, and to help convey her skills and therapeutic opportunities to established businesses in the area.

From this difficulty, Therapy Hive was born. Therapy Hive serves as a directory and resource where clients and other professionals can locate your business and refer or endorse your services. This differs from other professional directories, as you are connected within the Hive most relevant to your practice. Therapy Hive's highly customizable search and listing means the clients and referrals that are connected with your businesses have the highest chance of converting to client contact hours.

Within the therapeutic and professional world, you also have access to all of the resources pooled together by Therapy Hive members - even if those resources aren't necessarily members of the Hive. Gaining trusted resources, materials, and information means the clients within your care benefit from Therapy Hive's greater knowledge and resource database.

Therapy Hive also offers consultation and collaboration services, as well as monthly professional development opportunities. Whether its a tricky case you need ethical and professional feedback from within our discussion board, or a desire for supervision and mentorship from someone within the Hive, our connected professionals offer a stronger and more ethical base to learn from one another. Professional development opportunities offer not just monthly education and networking opportunities, but also allows you to present your services to the Hive, better educating our entire network.

Therapy Hive stands apart because we want to strengthen our communities while also strengthening our clients care and individual business. Collectively, we are stronger and more knowledgeable within the Hive.

Therapy Hive

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