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Kari Rehmann

Kari Rehmann

Licensed Professional Counselor 

By seeking counseling, you understand that you don’t have to remain where you are. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor providing therapy to ado

Lewisville, TX 75067

Dallas CBT

Licensed Psychologist 

Dallas CBT is a group practice specializing in brief, effective treatments for children, adolescents, and adults . Our team is comprised of cognitive

Dallas, TX 75219

Monica Urbaniak, LMFTS

Monica Urbaniak, LMFTS

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

No one gets to adulthood without living through painful experiences. You may be feeling the effects of a single traumatic incident (sexual victimizati

Dallas, TX 75240

Kim House

Kim House

Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor 

Are you a parent who is concerned about your child's behaviors? Mood? Fears? Self-esteem level? If so, I applaud you for taking steps in the right dir

Plano, TX 75093

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